Dr. Balázs Stella

Business Consultant
Brief info
Creative, of the 21st century, analytic thinker, problem-solver. New challenges drive me, creating fuels me. The Greek sage, Archimedes once said: „Give me a long enough lever and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” Well, I don’t need no lever nor fulcrum to do so. Nowadays, the ability to adapt holds the utmost importance. Being able to adapt to new situations results in success, yet unable to do so dooms us to failure. The world around us has accelerated to a whole new level: what is a novelty today, it is only a fading memory of the past tomorrow. If we keep this in mind, the waves of the dynamically changing world will not crush us, but rise us up so we can ride them to reach our goals. Impossible is just a new adventure. Impossible is a possibility for me.