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VIP CONCIERGE services – unique, personalized experiences

When business class is just not enough. When your bucket list consists of the most exclusive and most exquisite.  When the value of a fascinting and unforgettable experience with those closest to us means more than anything. Whether it is a romantic cottage in the midst of a forest or a shinging luxury yacht in the Mediterranean Seas.

The most amazing experiences you have never even dreamt of. Prime Hungary VIP Concierge services:

We organize it, we make it happen!

VIP Concierge solutions:

1 hr VIP concierge 60 Euro
1 day VIP concierge 400 Euro
1 week VIP concierge 1500 Euro
Prime Hungary VIP Concierge 1 Year Membership Package – 500 EUR/month

More information on the contents, conditions and services of the packages are provided by our private consultant.

– Sailing
– Private jet
– Exclusive services
– Luxury car rental
– Luxury transfer
– Accommodation
– Travel
– Restaurant booking
– VIP access to theaters, concerts, sporting events, parties, etc.
– Experiences, activities (massage, diving, jetski, golf, cultural tours, etc.)
– Business event organization
– Trainings, courses
– Safe deposit/preservation
– Gift shopping, gift ideas, gift vouchers
– Emergency assistance
– Procurement of hard-to-get supplies, things and services
– Information acquisition, investigation
– Virtual Personal Assistant