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The sector in figures

It was a historical summer for the Hungarian tourism, according to the latest data from the Central Statistics Office, accommodation revenues from foreigners rose strongly by 30% in July.

Tourism and hospitality have become the driving force of the Hungarian economy.

The tourism industry now employs more than 350,000 people, and more than 45,000 small and medium-sized enterprises operate in the sector. In terms of popularity, Budapest has got closer to Prague and Vienna recently, and the Hungarian capital still has a lot to give. Many developments are taking place currently, and the room capacity will increase by 10-15 percent in the next one or two years.

European tourism remains on the rise despite the recent volatility.

The strong growth experienced in tourism in the first months of 2017 is considered as the continuation of the 2016 year-end boom. If this impetus persists during 2017, this will be the eight year in a row when European tourism industry is expanding. Tourism Economics predicts a 3,6% increase in international tourist arrivals to Europe in 2017, with a 3,3% increase for the EU member states.